Woman lying down in bed with tablet
Woman lying down in bed with tablet
ellaOne® Questions

Got a question about ellaOne®? Wondering how the morning after pill really works? Heard something worrying about side effects and want to get an answer you can trust? You’re in the right place.

Some people can find the experience of taking emergency contraception nerve-wracking, and often that’s because they don’t have all of the facts. A lot of people were never taught about the morning after pill, meaning that there are lots of harmful myths and misunderstandings out there that can stop people from accessing emergency contraception.

At ellaOne®, we believe that by educating people about this type of contraception we can overcome the stigma and fear associated with it. That’s why we’ve put together a set of no-nonsense answers to your most frequently asked questions about ellaOne®.

What is ellaOne®?
How does ellaOne® work?
Where can I buy ellaOne®?
Does ellaOne® work if you’ve already ovulated?
Does ellaOne® stop implantation?
How long does ellaOne® delay ovulation for?
Can ellaOne® harm a baby?
Can you take ellaOne® twice in one cycle?
What happens after taking ellaOne®?

Can I have sex after taking ellaOne®?

Couple lying down in bed looking at each other
Couple lying down in bed looking at each other

You can have sex after taking ellaOne®, but you should use a condom if you’re not trying to get pregnant. One dose of ellaOne® is only effective for one incident of unprotected sex, it will not protect you against anything in the future.

ellaOne® delays ovulation for 5 days which is the same as a sperm’s lifespan, so any sperm that enter the female reproductive system after taking ellaOne®, they may still be alive – and able to fertilise an egg – by the time ellaOne® is no longer effective.

If you have taken ellaOne® because of an accident with regular hormonal contraception – like missing a pill – it is still recommended to use a condom until your next period arrives, as your regular contraception may be less effective.

Do I need to continue taking my contraceptive pill after taking ellaOne®?
Can I start taking the contraceptive pill as a new method of contraception after taking ellaOne®?
Can ellaOne® delay your period?
Can ellaOne® mess up your cycle?
Does ellaOne® make you bleed?
Does ellaOne® cause stomach pain?
Can ellaOne® make you feel pregnant?
Can you drink alcohol after taking ellaOne®?


We hope that we’ve answered all your questions about ellaOne®, if you have a question that you can’t see answered here, try: All you need to know about ellaOne® or contact HRA Pharma directly.

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Medically reviewed in February 2021.