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What to ask your pharmacist when you need the morning after pill

Asking your pharmacist about ellaOne®

If you need ellaOne®, it may be helpful to plan what you are going to say to the pharmacist. Here are some ideas:

  • “I’d like the morning after pill please.”
  • “I’d like the emergency contraceptive pill please.”
  • “I’ve had a contraceptive mishap and I’d like the morning after pill please?”
  • “Can I talk to someone about the morning after pill please?”


Take somebody with you if it makes you feel more comfortable.


Talk to your pharmacist discreetly about ellaOne®

Asking your pharmacist for ellaOne®

Getting ellaOne®should be simple and discrete.


The pharmacist may ask you a few questions, just to check ellaOne® is suitable for you.

There’s no need to feel embarrassed. Remember, pharmacy staff deal with all kinds of sensitive situations every day – it’s their job to help you to deal with the situation calmly and make this experience as uncomplicated as they can for you. They will provide advice and support in a professional manner.

A case study on the success of the morning after pill ellaOne®

Nicole’s story about ellaOne®  

After my second baby our family was complete. On my 40th birthday my husband organised a surprise party. It was a great night. The next day I realised I’d forgotten to take a couple of my usual contraceptive pills that week and we’d had sex after the party.

I asked my sister what to do. She told me to get the morning-after pill from a pharmacist. After talking with the pharmacist, I chose to buy ellaOne®. While I was there I bought some condoms just in case.

Getting ellaOne® was very straightforward.

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The success of ellaOne®. A case study on the morning after pill


Roisin’s story about ellaOne®

I had just started college. I had been with Niall for a while. When his condom came off I was really worried that I’d get pregnant. I knew I wasn’t ready to have a baby.

HRA-Paharmacie-Situations-368 (1024x683)

I had read about emergency contraception on the internet.

I thought it would be easier to go to a pharmacist than get an appointment with the doctor. When I went in I was nervous, but the pharmacist was really nice. There were a few questions, but the whole experience was friendly and discrete.


I went to a café and read the leaflet in the pack.

Then I took ellaOne® and went to my next lecture. It felt like a weight off my mind.

Read A case study on the success of the morning after pill ellaOne®