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How to access ellaOne during Coronavirus

Hands holding a pack of ellaOne
Hands holding a pack of ellaOne

How can I get the morning after pill during the Coronavirus outbreak?

*Information about the Coronavirus pandemic is correct at time of writing, following the health guidelines as laid out by the government and HSE.

The advice from the government is clear, stay at home. However, it’s also really important to ensure you are in charge of your contraception.

In these unprecedented times, there are thousands of things that you might be worried about, but getting the morning after pill shouldn’t be one of them.

Let’s be crystal clear: being sexually active with another person involves some risk of getting the virus. The advice is to avoid being sexually active with anyone outside of your household, anyone with symptoms and of course, to wash your hands before and after sex! If you live with your partner, or are choosing to isolate together, make sure you have a supply of your regular contraception. But what happens if something goes wrong, or you forget it altogether?

Did you know that you can buy ellaOne through select pharmacy Click & Collect services? For further information and to see our list of retail partners click here.

ellaOne is available from Irish pharmacies without a prescription and is free of charge for medical card holders. If you do need to go to your local pharmacy to access the morning after pill, it is recommended that you call in advance to limit time spent in store. To find out more about buying ellaOne at a pharmacy and what questions you may be asked, check out our guide here.

The morning after pill is most effective the sooner you take it – when taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, ellaOne can reduce your chances of conception to just 9 in 1000.

If you have any more questions about what ellaOne is, or how it works, have a look at this article All there is to know about ellaOne. In the meantime, stay safe and don’t forget: we’re here for you.